[ECOS] Hardware breakpoint support

Fritiofson, Andreas andreas.fritiofson@newmad.se
Tue Oct 24 15:26:00 GMT 2006


I would like to implement hardware breakpoint support for the mpc5xx port. It seems bplist-dynamic.c takes care of implementing the functions used by generic-stub.c, as well as storing the active and inactive breakpoints in the hw_bp_list structure. When for example __set_hw_breakpoint is called, it finds an unused breakpoint in the list and sets it. When __install_hw_breakpoint_list is called the breakpoints marked for install are passed to the macro HAL_STUB_HW_BREAKPOINT(setflag, addr, len) which I should implement in plf_stub.c. Right?

Now the mpc5xx has four hardware breakpoints comparators and anyone of these could be used. It seems I cannot make any static mapping between hw_bp_list[i] and the four comparators so I have to go through the process of finding an unused comparator and so on, even though it has already been done in bplist-dynamic.c. How do I make sure the two "lists" of breakpoints are coherent? Wouldn't it be better to implement __set_hw_breakpoint and friends directly in plf_stub.c?

Any other hints or ideas regarding hardware break/watchpoint support are welcome.

Andreas Fritiofson
Newmad Technologies AB

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