[ECOS] eCos vs. Velosity for ASIC

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Tue Oct 24 08:58:00 GMT 2006


I am a software developer in a chip maker. We are choosing an operating
system for one of our chips - dual MIPS 4Kec with GPON/BPON related peripherals,
DDR, etc. This is SoC (System ooon Chip) which should run small chunk of software,
like proprietary protocol stack. Interrupts, multitasking, message queues
are mandatory. Memory management (MMU/TLB support) is not required. 

am the guy who will port the chosen OS to the new chip and evaluation board.

I personally prefer Open Source alternatives, but it is hard to make the
case, when sales department of GreenHills pushes the deal through the management.
Is there a link to article which presents real life examples of using of eCos
in critical mission devices ? May be comparison of eCos and <any commercial
RTOS> ? 
Best would be a link to ASIC which uses eCos 

any links/comments/advice/
are greatly appreciated

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