[ECOS] Question about ECOS PPP-CCP

Weili Yao weili_yao@trimble.com
Mon Oct 23 23:20:00 GMT 2006

Hello, there:
  It seems that the PPP included in ECOS does not have CCP (Compression
Control Protocol) enabled. In file:
net/ppp/current/src/pppd.c, function cyg_pppd_main(), it has following
	    if (open_ccp_flag) {
		if (phase == PHASE_NETWORK) {
		    ccp_fsm[0].flags = OPT_RESTART; /* clears OPT_SILENT
		open_ccp_flag = 0;
But the "open_ccp_flag" never set to 1 (or true), so I think the CCP
negotiation in PPP connection is not actually started. 

The problem is that if the PPP server requires bsd_compress or deflate,
but the ECOS does not support it, the PPP connection from ECOS (PPP
Client) to Linux PPP Server (which needs BSD Compress and Deflate) will

This is OK if the user has control over PPP server side, but what to do
if the user cannot control PPP server side? Is there any way for ECOS
PPP Client to tell PPP Server that the client does not support BSD
Compress or Deflate?

Or am I wrong with the understanding of CCP startup under ECOS PPP? 

Thank you very much for your help!



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