[ECOS] Return to RedBoot

Sergei Gavrikov sg@sgs.gomel.by
Fri Oct 20 18:59:00 GMT 2006

On Fri, 20 Oct 2006, Mark Salter wrote:

> On Thu, 2006-10-19 at 21:35 +0300, Sergei Gavrikov wrote:
>> Dear eCos/RedBoot Experts,
>> I have a question. Is it possible to organize a work with RedBoot like
>> with sub-shell system?  Well, may be it's a stupid idea.  Does exist a
>> way to return from a loaded application back in RedBoot? I brief looked
>> at `do_go' command of RedBoot.  I noticed a thing called a trampoline.
>> It looks like what those `trampoline' and `return_to_redboot' functions
>> were designed to service a comeback to RedBoot. Is that right? But I see
>> never this RedBoot message on my ARM target:
>>      "Program completed with status 0"
>> Should I have a _special_ way to terminate a running eCos application? I
> The argument is the returned exit status.
> This has limited use though. It only really works if the application
> returning to RedBoot has not modified/reprogrammed resources being
> used by RedBoot. Things like reprogramming the timer used by RedBoot
> would cause problems...
> --Mark

Mark, Thank you! I didn't know about this VV call. I had a taste this.
It quite works for "hello, world!" program for _minimal_ eCos template
on my target, but no more. Well, I got it.

Such a program returned a control and didn't destroy the RedBoot's
country. It worked as I did expect.

// Minimalist program which returns a control to RedBoot
#include <pkgconf/hal.h>
#include <cyg/hal/hal_if.h> // VV macro defs

#include <cyg/infra/diag.h> // diag_printf

cyg_start (void)
   diag_printf ("Hello, ECos World!\n");
   CYGACC_CALL_IF_MONITOR_RETURN (0); // return to RedBoot

Thanks again,


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