[ECOS] Return to RedBoot

Sergei Gavrikov sg@sgs.gomel.by
Thu Oct 19 18:32:00 GMT 2006

Dear eCos/RedBoot Experts,

I have a question. Is it possible to organize a work with RedBoot like
with sub-shell system?  Well, may be it's a stupid idea.  Does exist a
way to return from a loaded application back in RedBoot? I brief looked
at `do_go' command of RedBoot.  I noticed a thing called a trampoline.
It looks like what those `trampoline' and `return_to_redboot' functions
were designed to service a comeback to RedBoot. Is that right? But I see
never this RedBoot message on my ARM target:

     "Program completed with status 0"

Should I have a _special_ way to terminate a running eCos application? I
thought what I just have to call return(0) from main. Please, comment a
bit more about right way to terminate an eCos threat-ed application. And
may be this `return_to_redboot' behavior must be more configure with an
ecos config system? Did I miss something? And may be I just have some
wrongs in my HAL?

I had an idea to run some user friendly TUI in curses with RedBoot `go'
command. A user would do something with that TUI (like `menuconfig' or
`minicom' ;) and when all will be done, user would return a control back
to RedBoot to use a RedBoot's power again, i.e., to download new data
from tftp server, to manage FIS, etc. Well, I cannot hold a whole httpd
in RAM to interact with user. I have a small memory footprint system. I
thought about CLI in TCL and TUI in curses, but I didn't desire to
duplicate the RedBoot robust behaviors in UI. Such an idea was...

Thanks in advance for any helpful tips or comments.


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