[ECOS] Re: building eCos on WinXP with different toolset?

tmm tmm@fastmail.fm
Wed Oct 18 21:25:00 GMT 2006

John Dallaway wrote:
> Hi Tom
> tmm wrote:
>> I need to build eCos on WinXP with the CodeSorcery ARM tools (so that my
>> eCos library can be linked by the CS linker).
>> The make files generated by the eCos config tool (in my build tree) seem
>> to be specific to cygwin.  For example, the exports at the top of the
>> generated makefiles look like this:
>> # eCos makefile
>> # This is a generated file - do not edit
>> export PREFIX := /ecos-c/Dev/MyProduct/ecos/voyRR_install
>> export COMMAND_PREFIX := arm-elf-
>> export CC := $(COMMAND_PREFIX)gcc
>> export OBJCOPY := $(COMMAND_PREFIX)objcopy
>> export HOST := CYGWIN
>> export AR := $(COMMAND_PREFIX)ar
>> export REPOSITORY := /ecos-c/Dev/MyProduct/EDGE/ecos/ecos-2.0/packages
>> PACKAGE := hal/arm/arch/current
>> When I try to build eCos with the CodeSorcery tools it trips up on the
>> paths above (the "ecos-c" part).
>> Is the config tool tied to cygwin?  Does anyone have tips for building
>> eCos with a Win32 toolset?  I'm surprised by the lack of references (in
>> the FAQ and mailing list) to this.
> At least some builds of CodeSourcery's MinGW-hosted tools include the
> facility to dereference Cygwin mount points by specifying the native
> filesystem path to the 'cygpath' tool in the CYGPATH environment
> variable. Typically, you would set CYGPATH to "C:\cygwin\bin\cygpath".
> This provides better interoperability with Cygwin-hosted tools such as
> 'make'.
> John Dallaway
> eCosCentric Limited
Thanks for the tip.  This did not work for me with the CodeSorcerey 
build of GCC 4.1.0 (their latest).

Instead, I replace /ecos-c/ with c:/, and /opt/ecos/ with c:/mypath/ecos/.

This kinda works, but it means that I can't use any cygwin tools, but 
must instead use unix on native windows tools.


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