[ECOS] Re: building eCos on WinXP with different toolset?

John Dallaway jld@ecoscentric.com
Wed Oct 18 09:08:00 GMT 2006

Hi Tom

tmm wrote:

> I need to build eCos on WinXP with the CodeSorcery ARM tools (so that my
> eCos library can be linked by the CS linker).
> The make files generated by the eCos config tool (in my build tree) seem
> to be specific to cygwin.  For example, the exports at the top of the
> generated makefiles look like this:
> # eCos makefile
> # This is a generated file - do not edit
> export PREFIX := /ecos-c/Dev/MyProduct/ecos/voyRR_install
> export COMMAND_PREFIX := arm-elf-
> export CC := $(COMMAND_PREFIX)gcc
> export OBJCOPY := $(COMMAND_PREFIX)objcopy
> export HOST := CYGWIN
> export AR := $(COMMAND_PREFIX)ar
> export REPOSITORY := /ecos-c/Dev/MyProduct/EDGE/ecos/ecos-2.0/packages
> PACKAGE := hal/arm/arch/current
> When I try to build eCos with the CodeSorcery tools it trips up on the
> paths above (the "ecos-c" part).
> Is the config tool tied to cygwin?  Does anyone have tips for building
> eCos with a Win32 toolset?  I'm surprised by the lack of references (in
> the FAQ and mailing list) to this.

At least some builds of CodeSourcery's MinGW-hosted tools include the
facility to dereference Cygwin mount points by specifying the native
filesystem path to the 'cygpath' tool in the CYGPATH environment
variable. Typically, you would set CYGPATH to "C:\cygwin\bin\cygpath".
This provides better interoperability with Cygwin-hosted tools such as

John Dallaway
eCosCentric Limited

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