[ECOS] newbie qn about eCos integral types

Steve Simpson s.simpson@genesysdesign.com.au
Sun Oct 15 23:29:00 GMT 2006

I'm trying to understand the intended application of the two different styles of eCos integral types

Basically how / when should I use the cyg_(u)intXX series of definitions, and
how / when should I use the cyg_(u)countXX series of definitions.

eg. when should I use cyg_uint8 instead of cyg_ucount8 and vice-versa?

The notes surrounding the defintions in cyg_type.h say that the cyg_(u)intXX series are for use with "memory and strutures".  Ok that makes sense when you look at the typedef, but..

The comments for the cyg_(u)countXX series are that they are for "using integers in registers for looping and the like"
The part regarding registers confuses me, since I would have thought that a fixed width integer (aka) the cyg_(u)intXX series are the most appropriate for accessing *fixed width* registers.

Can anyone add a little more ligth here?



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