[ECOS] eCos port to MC9328MXL and MicroMonitor

David Luca davidluca3000@yahoo.com
Fri Oct 13 14:06:00 GMT 2006

I try to build a port to MC9328MXL board
(CSB535FS/CSB935FS), ARM920T processor.
I used as template the AAED2000 board since I have
seen it uses ARM920T processor. I realized that memory
map is different, but I tried to load a simple
application (just a increases a counter) and specified
the base ram as Micromonitor informs me, using
Configuration Tool(v1.3), to address 0x08200000. 
The problem is, after building the application, it
tells me 
EXCEPTION: 'Abort data'
           Occurred near 0x8247788
Anyone ported to MC9328? I cannot afford to buy the
platform from eCosCentric.
How can I use Micromonitor with eCos? I don't want to
build a Redboot and burn it on flash, because I don't
have a JTAG emulator and if the Redboot is not
working, the Micromonitor will be lost.
Thank you,

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