[ECOS] Gdb- Problems with redboot/ecos under VMWare

Klaus Nagel klaus.nagel@neuberger.net
Thu Oct 12 08:22:00 GMT 2006

Hi all
I am  trying to use ecos on VMWare to start developement of a networked
applikation because my real hardware ist still under construction. 
I build redboot and eCos for VMWare with the latest Source- Snapshot with
i386-elf-gcc Version 3.4.3 and i386-elf-gdb 6.5.0. under cygwin;
I configured redboot and eCos both to use static IP- Adresses (two different
ones) and not to use BOOTP or DHCP.

When i build the eCos with the template "default" and try to debug the
twothreads example, everything works fine:
- can load the application
- start the debugger
- start and stop the target by pressing CTRL_C
- single stepping
- quit the debugging session

When i build eCos with the template "net" ( network support) , i can load
and start the application and the applictaion runs fine. 
If the Application reaches a Brekpoint, the Debugger stops fine, and i can
resume the target.
But wenn i try to interrupt the running application (startet without any
breakpoint) by pressing CTRL_C, the debugger can not stop the target. 

Am i missing somehing?
Do i need special configuration for redboot or ecos?

Thanks in advance.


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