[ECOS] Help porting AT91SAM7A2

Meiring, H, Mnr <meiring@sun.ac.za> meiring@sun.ac.za
Mon Oct 9 10:11:00 GMT 2006

Hi, I am attempting to port ecos to an Atmel AT91SAM7A2 using the the 
AT91 EB40 templates as base reference(I assume it is the closest target 
template available).

After changing file names and CDL scripts as described in the platform 
porting guide, I must change the memory layout etc. They however 
strongly recommend using the cofig tool to edit this properties. This 
option according to the ecos manual should be available at 
View->Toolbars->Memory Layout menu item, but there is no such option and 
I want to do this right without manually editing the mem files.

I am running UBUNTU Linux (debian based) and installed ecos version 2 
and its config tool version 2 from the available debian packages that is 
available. Is there an easy way to get that menu option visible for me 
or is recompilation from source the only way? And will that provide me 
with that menu option?

Hendrik Meiring
Stellenbosch University (SA)

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