[ECOS] Redboot heap utilisation

Gernot Zankl zankl@decomsys.com
Thu Oct 5 11:50:00 GMT 2006

Hi !

How does redboot handle it's heap ?
Is there a limit for the RAM, which is reserved for redboot ?

My current problem is, that an application (approx. 2MB elf-format) does
not start
if it is loaded from the jffs2 into RAM at its starting address
But if the same application is loaded into RAM at a "higher"
offset (e.g. 0x300000) and then copied down to its starting address the
application works perfectly.

Is it possible that handling of jffs2 and loading an application may
memory on the heap which may overlap with the starting address of the
application ?

Thanks in advance.


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