[ECOS] AT91RM9200 port for Kwikbyte 9202 board

Wolfgang Köbler wk@koebler.com
Thu Oct 5 08:31:00 GMT 2006


On 04-Oct-2006 Ray Duran wrote:
> I searched the archives and see the question asked, Is there an open
> source port of eCos to the Kwikbyte 9202 board?
There is probably no port for the Kwikbyte 9202 board, but there is a
AT91RM9200-DK port. This port was already used (with small changes) on a
lom-arm9 board. (In general the at91rm9200 boards seem to be quite
similar. Of course they differ in available peripherals.)

An old version of that port is available from
The current version, which is an improved version of the above, is available
via CVS from John Eigelaar <jeigelaar@mweb.co.za>. Ask him for access

I successfully used the old version (redboot only). Since recently I am
back on this subject.

However, the at91rm9200 port may still need some work before it fits your
application. This depends on the requirements of your application and the
kwikbyte board details.


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