[ECOS] problem with __CTOR_END and __CTOR_LIST

Gary Thomas gary@mlbassoc.com
Wed Oct 4 16:54:00 GMT 2006

Gary Thomas wrote:
> Claudio Di Vittorio wrote:
>> hi everyone.
>> I'm currently developing a project on a custom ixp460
>> based board; this board has been designed following
>> the
>> scheme of ixdp465 (with some differences); now i have
>> to
>> prepare a working image of redboot, running from
>> flash,
>> to powerup and bootup the board; redboot must only
>> work as a bootloader.
>> I've already modified some .h, entering the correct
>> memory layout, flash size ecc.
>> My board is not equipped with FPGA,LED  and with CPLD,
>> so i disabled that part of code.
>> I'm not equipped with a JTAG emulator; i'm just
>> programming ever time the flash memory....
>> when i bootup the board i see that hardware init
>> sequence seems to be succesful. After that the board
>> print out (on serial port) a long string and then
>> everything freeze; the string is:
>> $O5B53696D322068616C5F6D6973635D20496E766F6B65640A#CD
>> Following the assembly code in vectors.S, and adding
>> some debug messages (using  diag_printf ) i've seen
>> that the bootup stops BEFORE calling cyg_start;
>> the problem occurs in call to:
>> cyg_hal_invoke_constructors
>> following that function i see that when the program
>> tries to access __CTOR_END_ and __CTOR_LIST_
>> everything
>> stops working.
>> I'm using configtool 2.11 and the GNU utils given by
>> Intel in their web site.
>> Does anybody can give me some help about this?
>> Or can someone explain me something better on that error? 
> It's not an error, just a message that got printed using the
> GDB protocol.  It says:
>   '[Sim2 hal_misc] Invoked'
> BTW, the attached program will decode these strings for you.
> I use it all the time :-)  Just run it like this:
>   % python decode_gdb.py 
> '$O5B53696D322068616C5F6D6973635D20496E766F6B65640A#CD'

Hint: if you want to carry on after seeing the message, just
type '+' on the terminal.  This completes the GDB protocol
handshake and your code will continue.

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