[ECOS] problem with __CTOR_END and __CTOR_LIST

Claudio Di Vittorio lallo82@yahoo.it
Wed Oct 4 16:28:00 GMT 2006

hi everyone.
I'm currently developing a project on a custom ixp460
based board; this board has been designed following
scheme of ixdp465 (with some differences); now i have
prepare a working image of redboot, running from
to powerup and bootup the board; redboot must only
work as a bootloader.

I've already modified some .h, entering the correct
memory layout, flash size ecc.
My board is not equipped with FPGA,LED  and with CPLD,
so i disabled that part of code.

I'm not equipped with a JTAG emulator; i'm just
programming ever time the flash memory....

when i bootup the board i see that hardware init
sequence seems to be succesful. After that the board
print out (on serial port) a long string and then
everything freeze; the string is:


Following the assembly code in vectors.S, and adding
some debug messages (using  diag_printf ) i've seen
that the bootup stops BEFORE calling cyg_start;
the problem occurs in call to:


following that function i see that when the program
tries to access __CTOR_END_ and __CTOR_LIST_
stops working.

I'm using configtool 2.11 and the GNU utils given by
Intel in their web site.

Does anybody can give me some help about this?
Or can someone explain me something better on that 



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