[ECOS] Re: questions about code contribution

Brian Austin brian.austin@cirrus.com
Tue Nov 28 03:29:00 GMT 2006

Sounds good to me, maybe I can get ya a board or two for testing :)

We only use ECOS for redboot for the ARM9 btw.  I would love to get a
full port of ECOS to the ARM9, but I dont have the time to do it.
That's why I am hoping that pushing the code into the public might get
some folks into doing it themselves.



On Mon, 2006-11-27 at 15:27 -0500, Frank Pagliughi wrote:
> Brian Austin wrote:
> >Hello all,
> >
> >This is Brian Austin here at Cirrus Logic.
> >
> >As you know we have a series or ARM9 procs that we use redboot for.
> >I am cleaning up the code, as it got very dirty over the past few years,
> >and was wondering if I could, once it's clean, submit it to the
> >maintainers of ecos?
> >
> >Will there be a review process involved?
> >
> >I have several more questions about it all, but just want to put the
> >first important one out there.
> >
> >Thanks,
> >
> >Brian
> >
> >
> >
> >  
> >
> Hello Brian,
> I just saw your post to the eCos web site, and wanted to register my 
> vote for you to submit the eCos port for the Cirrus chips!
> Two years ago I had a customer interested in prototyping a system using 
> eCos on the Technologic Systems TS-7200 board. Starting with a very 
> early version of your RedBoot code base, I nearly completed the full 
> eCos port (timers, serial ports, and full multi-threading), but had some 
> intermittent trouble with the Ethernet driver. Unfortunately, 
> Technologic didn't bring out the JTAG connector, so I foundered just 
> long enough for the customer to pull the plug on the the boards, and the 
> Cirrus chip as well. I sent my code to Technologic Systems, but they did 
> nothing with it either. I moved on to another chip family.
> If you submit the code (and I can get my hands on a Cirrus eval board) 
> I'll gladly review and test it. I'd probably also try to port it to the 
> TS-72xx boards. I still have a bunch of those lying around.
> Frank Pagliughi
> SoRo Systems, Inc.
> South Royalton, VT.

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