[ECOS] AT91SAM7X256-EK lwip_eth

B B barden18@hotmail.com
Wed Nov 22 12:04:00 GMT 2006

Hi all,

I have got ecos to run on the atmel AT91SAM7X256-EK board. And i am now 
to get a web server running on the board, but i have run into some trouble 
because of my inexperience with eCos.

I have through the ecos configtool v2.11 made a configuration, consisting of 
the lwip_eth
template and i have added the serial driver.

My problem is that it doesn't work right off the bat :)
I am not getting an IP address and i cant see any ethernet specific code 
running, though i can see that the TCP/IP stack is running because of debug 
outputs where ip_reass_tmr() is called.

so i have some questions:

1. Does the template initialize and setup EMAC ?
2. I have choosen generic ethernet support and enabled ethernet support 
under lwip. But do i need
to do anything differently ?
3. Do i need to add support for the specific phy on the board or is this 
contained implicitly in the
configuration ?
4. If it isn't implicitly in the configuration, then what files do i need to 
edit/create and where should they be placed ?

I'll be thankful for any help on this.

best regards,

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