[ECOS] Porting SMASH-2.0.2 to eCos

Imran Khan imran@alumnux.com
Wed Nov 22 04:08:00 GMT 2006

Hi all,
As given in the documentation the SNMP package provided in eCos-2.0 is
taken from UCD-SNMP package,I want to implement SNMP in eCos but using
SMASH-2.0.2 for agent,libraries and MIBs compiler.
Has any one ported SMASH-2.0.2 to eCos ? If yes please inform me about
the steps to be taken and changes that I shoud make.
My SMASH-2.0.2 is working fine on Linux and I need to port it to
Thanking all of u in advance,
Imran Khan.

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