[ECOS] IDE, FAT, and VMWare

Donald Walton dwalton@dramail.com
Tue Nov 21 16:08:00 GMT 2006

I am trying to do my preliminary development on a Linux platform running 
VMWare.  The platform is i386 pc.  I have a virtual machine configured 
with 2 virtual IDE hard drives, /dev/hda/ & /dev/hdb/.  The first is 
formatted as a ext2 file system; the second as a FAT file system.  
/dev/hda/ has GRUB installed and allows me to boot redboot.

 From my Linux platform, I use Insight to connect to redboot on the 
virtual machine and download my eCos target application, which is 
suppose to use /dev/hdb/ for file storage.

I am having trouble recognizing /dev/hdb/ as having a FAT file system.  
The eCos application does see /dev/hdb/,   but /dev/hdb/ does not get 

Before I go down this path very far, I am curious whether other users 
have had a similar configuration working.  If so, what problems did they 

Don Walton

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