[ECOS] Re: Possible error in IDE code.....

Gary Thomas gary@mlbassoc.com
Fri Nov 17 19:37:00 GMT 2006

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the code base.

Donald Walton wrote:
> In adding IDE support to my application, the software was not able to 
> read the MBR properly.  It would read one byte and the rest of the 
> buffer would be zeroes.
> I tracked the problem to file - ide_disk.c, version 1.3, function - 
> ide_read_sector.  One of the parameters passed in is len.  It unclear 
> whether this is the buffer length or number of sectors to be read.  
> However, a value of 1 is passed in for the length and only one byte is 
> read.
> Correcting the problem is not a big deal but I would like to know 
> whether you meant for the length to be sector count or byte count.

Do you have a correction?  Can you send a patch?
Where is this function called incorrectly?

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