[ECOS] Re: FreeBSD still lacking bridge support?

Grant Edwards grante@visi.com
Fri Nov 17 16:20:00 GMT 2006

>>  * Is the actual bridging done at the DSR level or in the
>>    network task?
> Network task, but im not sure which. In general very little
> happens in the DSR. It just flags the network task there is
> something to do. The thread then transfers the packet from the
> ethernet device and feeds it into the network stack.

Did you ever run into any performance problems on busy
networks?  I guess these days when everything is 10[0]baseT
plugged into switches the concept of a "busy network" is rather
moot from a device's point of view.

>>  * Does a device with a "bridged" interface pair appear to the
>>    outside world as a single device behind a switch? IOW, it
>>    has only one MAC address?
>>  * Is the second interface visible to userspace?
> You have options here. The way i used the OpenBSD stack was to
> create a bridge interface and add the ethernet interfaces to
> the bridge interface. I put an IP address on one of the
> Ethernet interfaces and the IP stack used that interface.
> Since the bridge is underneath the IP stack it works out how
> to bridge frames out the correct interface. The bridge and
> second ethernet interface are available for the IP stack, but
> i never used them.

That sounds like it would work for my application.


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