[ECOS] Re: RedBoot "set MAC address" API?

Sergei Gavrikov sg@sgs.gomel.by
Wed Nov 15 12:09:00 GMT 2006

On Wed, 15 Nov 2006, wang cui wrote:

>> And what's fails at all? Is it Jade or any TeX wrapper? Often `pdfjadetex'
>> is just a symlink on `pdftex'.
>> Does such a stage pass:
>> 	mkdir -p /tmp/ecos-doc
>> 	cd /tmp/ecos-doc
>> 	$ECOS_REPOSITORY/../doc/sgml/makemakefile
>> 	make html
> Thanks for your reply!
> As I wrote before, I only get "openjade" installed in my CygWin:

1) Hope, that openjade is the cygwin-land executable. Did you build that
openjade from sources under Cygwin or install with _cygwin_ setup
utility? If I remember, there was one utility in cygwin, try it

  	$ cygcheck `which openjade`

The cygwin `cygcheck' ~= `ldd'. There is no msvc*dll there.

2) Check openjade version (don't use the development branches), the
branch 1.3.2 is stable

  	$ echo | openjade -v

on my Slackware 10.2 I've got openjade-1.3.4 even. It works fine too.

> When I try "make html", it reports as below:
> openjade -t sgml -i html  -d ./../../packages/pkgconf/stylesheet.dsl#html 
> ecos-r
> ef.sgml
> openjade:ecos-ref.sgml:1:55:W: cannot generate system identifier for public 
> text
> "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook V3.1//EN"
> openjade:ecos-ref.sgml:53:0:E: reference to entity "BOOK" for which no system 
> id
> entifier could be generated

That's enough.

3) Be sure that DookBook things were installed. Usually they live there


4) Check what jade & docbook were installed properly, try to build
dookbook 3.1 test with your jade installation

  	export DOCBOOK=/usr/share/sgml/docbook ;# set your path
  	mkdir -p /tmp/db-test
  	cd /tmp/db-test
  	openjade -t sgml \
-d $DOCBOOK/dsssl-stylesheets/html/docbook.dsl \

You shouldn't see any errors! The book1.htm with its friends should
be there.

5) If something wrongs still, well, it isn't eCos deal, is it right? To
learn more about jade/sgml/docbook, read these articles, for example



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