[ECOS] Re: RedBoot "set MAC address" API?

wang cui iucgnaw@msn.com
Tue Nov 14 02:20:00 GMT 2006

Sorry for my careless.
I download and installed the "openjade" for CygWin, but it still failed 
with "/bin/sh: jade: command not found".
I found the executable is named as "openjade", so I changed all "jade" with 
"openjade" in the "rules.doc". But when ececute "openjade", it failed with 
lots of errors.
Of couse I can download the latest [built] documents from CVS. I just want 
to learn the documents build process. Thanks.

>Please keep replies on the list so that all may benefit.
>You need to get the 'openjade' documentation package installed.
>At least on my Fedora Core system, I see:
>[root@hermes ~]# rpm -qif `which jade`
>Name        : openjade                     Relocations: /usr
>Version     : 1.3.2                             Vendor: Red Hat, Inc.
>Release     : 23.2                          Build Date: Sun 12 Feb 2006 
12:55:54 AM MST
>Install Date: Sat 06 May 2006 09:40:40 AM MDT      Build Host: 
>Group       : Applications/Text             Source RPM: 
>Size        : 3319213                          License: Distributable
>Signature   : DSA/SHA1, Mon 06 Mar 2006 01:33:18 PM MST, Key ID 
>Packager    : Red Hat, Inc. <http://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla>
>Summary     : A DSSSL implementation.
>Description :
>OpenJade is an implementation of the ISO/IEC 10179:1996 standard DSSSL
>(Document Style Semantics and Specification Language). OpenJade is
>based on James Clark's Jade implementation of DSSSL. OpenJade is a
>command-line application and a set of components. The DSSSL engine
>inputs an SGML or XML document and can output a variety of formats:
>XML, RTF, TeX, MIF (FrameMaker), SGML, or XML.
>If you're doing this on some other system (CygWin, non-Linux, ...), the 
>will be different.  You should be able to find more information in the 
>for this list, as it's been discussed many times over the years.
>As mentioned on the list last week, you can also just download the latest 
>documents from CVS as well.
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