[ECOS] Error ina dding a packeg: only .h visible!

Fritiofson, Andreas andreas.fritiofson@newmad.se
Mon Nov 13 10:26:00 GMT 2006


>/opt/ecos-gaisler/ecos-rep/packages/language/c/libc/stdio/current/src/common/ungetc.cxx:70:2695:beg:0x0 >(gdb) 
> No source file named d.

Could it possibly have something to do with your source path beginning with the windows drive letter d and gdb interpreting this as being the source file? I don't use cygwin so I don't know if it's normal for the compiler to include source paths in windows format.

Andreas Fritiofson
Newmad Technologies AB
(Funny, Gaisler is in the same building as we are here in Gothenburg! :)

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