[ECOS] Error ina dding a packeg: only .h visible!

bob.koninckx@o-3s.com bob.koninckx@o-3s.com
Mon Nov 13 09:05:00 GMT 2006

>Thnaks, now rollback.c and rollback.h are both in the "source file list"!
>Anyway I still have a problema with ddd: when I launch it I get the following error message:
>(gdb) tar extended-remote localhost:2222

localhost ? Shouldn't that be the IP-address of your target, listening on port 9000 instead ? On the other hand, something appears to be listening on localhost:2222. If that happens to be a gdbserver talking to some kind of JTAG debugger, your problem probably is that this has not been set up correctly. Do you do any kind of memory controller initialisation etc ?


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