[ECOS] Assembly & C crossview in eCos & ARM

Wei Chen chenwei_us@yahoo.com
Wed Nov 8 23:39:00 GMT 2006


I am trying to find a tool that can show mixed view of
Source C code and Corresponding Assembly instruction
at the same time. For example, the display will be two
parallel window, which one window shows the source C
code and the other window show the corresponding
Assembly instructions.

Certianly for a short function, you don't need such
tool and you can easily figure out yourself. However
for a long function, it is very difficult to read to
assembly code to find out corresponding C part.

I have used vxWorks CrossView before which have this
capability. However, I am using eCos with ARM right
now, is there any tools in eCos & ARM that can support

Your help is greatly appreciated.


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