[ECOS] Help! Function from package is empty!

Michele Portolan michele.portolan@imag.fr
Wed Nov 8 19:51:00 GMT 2006

Please someone helps me, I am getting mad on it!
I created a package called "rolldack" and I am trying to use it. One of the fucntion is calle TIMA_FT_ENABLE and should intialise some data. It is declared laike this in the .c : 

void  TIMA_FT_ENABLE(void)

End here is in the .h:

extern void  TIMA_FT_ENABLE(void);

Anyway when I try to look it up from DDD I got the following error message:

Line 47 of "d:/cygwin/opt/ecos-gaisler/ecos-rep/packages/tima_ft/current/src/rollback.c" starts at address 0x40026b00 <TIMA_FT_ENABLE> and ends at 0x40026b04 <TIMA_FT_ENABLE+4>.
No source file named d.

What can be the problem? Why is teh fucntion charged with no code?
Thanks anyone,


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