[ECOS] Spansion Flash Chips Type N/M

Manfred Gruber m.gruber@tirol.com
Mon Nov 6 19:05:00 GMT 2006

Hi !

I am using Spansion Flash SG29GLXXXM types with Flash V2 branche on redboot 
for a while now. At changing to the N Type (has other sector size 0x20000, M 
has 0x10000) of this flashes, I found some problems with the bit-toggle 
algorithms. Can someone verify if this patch for FLASH V2 branche can go up 
to cvs, or mybe it helps someone with spansion flashes? The code is from the 
spansion homepage.

The biggest problems i found were when 2 Flash Chips with 16 bit bus are on a 
32 bit databus. Maybe someone can test the patch on AM29XXX chips how it 

I tested it here on:
1x SG29GL256N  (16bit on 16 bit bus)
2x SG29GL128M (2x16bit on 32 bit bus)
2x SG29GL128M (2x16bit on 32 bit bus)

thanks regards manfred



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