[ECOS] Re: RedBoot "set MAC address" API?

Wolfgang Köbler wk@koebler.com
Mon Nov 6 09:45:00 GMT 2006


One board that has the MAC address problem is

> Special RedBoot Commands
> The nanoEngine/commEngine has one or two Intel i82559 Ethernet
> controllers installed, but these have no associated serial EEPROM in
> which to record their Ethernet Station Address (ESA, or MAC address).
> The BSE firmware records an ESA for the device it uses, but this
> information is not available to RedBoot; we cannot share it.
> To keep the ESAs for the two ethernet interfaces, two new items of
> RedBoot configuration data are introduced. You can list them with the
> RedBoot command fconfig -l thus:
> RedBoot> fconfig -l
> Run script at boot: false
> Use BOOTP for network configuration: false
> Local IP address:
> Default server IP address:
> Network hardware address [MAC] for eth0: 0x00:0xB5:0xE0:0xB5:0xE0:0x99
> Network hardware address [MAC] for eth1: 0x00:0xB5:0xE0:0xB5:0xE0:0x9A
> GDB connection port: 9000
> Network debug at boot time: false
> RedBoot>
> You should set them before running RedBoot or eCos applications with
> the board connected to a network. The fconfig command can be used as
> for any configuration data item; the entire ESA is entered in one
> line.


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