[ECOS] eCOS evaluation

larytet.39520237@bloglines.com larytet.39520237@bloglines.com
Thu Nov 2 06:54:00 GMT 2006

It looks like i convinced the management to evaluate two OSes - one is
going to be Velosity (this is done deal) and the other or eCOS or Integrity.

A couple of days ago I contacted ecoscentric and asked them to send me a
contact in Israel - any person/company which uses eCOS in commercial product,
preferably MIPS based ASIC. Apparently management in my company would love
to talk with anybody who uses the OS. It is hard sometimes to explain how
OSS works and why and how OS can be free and still of reasonable quality.
Ecoscentric struggles to help me. Any Israelis on this mail list willing to
send e-mail like:
"I work in $company, Israel, $city. eCOS works just fine
for us"
please send e-mail to "borisk at broadlight dot com" or just reply
to this e-mail
I greatly appreciate your time and help

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