[ECOS] Newbie question: eCOS and Redboot for AT91SAM7S-EK

oliver munz @ s p e a g munz@speag.ch
Fri Mar 31 16:49:00 GMT 2006

For development, RedBoot is worthless. But if You need firmware-upgrades in
the field, then RedBoot can be usefull.
You need ~0x10000 bytes of flash-space (the hole sam7s64) and a
So i think RedBoot make sens only for the sam7s128 and 256...

Andrew Lunn schrieb:
> Personaly, i don't recommend using Redboot with this system. I do all
> my development using eCos ROM applications and JTAG for download and
> gdb. This removes the need for RedBoot.
> ...
>         Andrew

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