[ECOS] Real time performance

Giovanni Friolo Ma.Vi. gio@ma.vi.it
Mon Mar 27 10:04:00 GMT 2006

Hi all,

I'm using a RattlerPCI board to send a receive Ethernet packets in full
duplex mode. I set "RTC denominator" to 10000 and "ticks between timeslices"
to 50 and i obtained a throughput rate of a packet every 340us. Changing
this values in order to obtain better performance produce the folliwing

ASSERT FAIL: <2>mutex.cxx[249]cyg_bool Cyg_Mutex::lock() Locking mutex I
already own

Can anyone help me to correctly configure eCos to achive the best
performance. I want to send a receive packets with a bit of elaboration at a
rate of a packet every 200us.



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