[ECOS] In-order exection of I/O on PowerPC 60x

Peter Graf p.graf@itknet.de
Fri Mar 24 08:56:00 GMT 2006

Gary Thomas wrote:

> Basically, 'sync' causes all pipelines and [bus] buffers to flush.  As
> noted, this can be very expensive, both in the time it takes to complete
> as well as the [lost] time getting things going again.
>> The other option would be to mark the respective memory regions as
>> "guarded", but this involves changes on several platforms.
> Does 'eieio' work in your case if the space is marked guarded?

I can not answer this right away. I vaguely remember problems regarding
the guard bit from the past, so I must look at this a little closer. I'm
out of office tomorrow, I hope to be back with an answer on Monday.


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