[ECOS] Ecos application porting For AT91SAM7A3

Fabian Scheler fabian.scheler@gmail.com
Thu Mar 23 12:39:00 GMT 2006


>     The size of the elf-32 image is around 1.38 MB.
>     and the size of srec image is 160 KB.

well, the elf-image contains a lot of debug information while the srec
image does not. Nevertheless, your srec-image appears quite big to me,
check the real size of your code by generating a mapfile or using
size. Does the srec-image contain anything else than plain code???

>     1. Is there any way to load the image in to flash.


>     2. What image should i use?

The srec-image is fine to burn it into the flash memory, only your
debugger can do something with the elf-image

>     3. How can i debug my application in flash.

JTAG + JTAG-server + Debugger

Ciao, Fabian

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