[ECOS] at91 SPI driver, use of cyg_drv_dsr_lock()

Peter Kooiman pkooiman@multimediabit.com
Mon Mar 20 13:29:00 GMT 2006

Gary Thomas wrote:
> cyg_drv_dsr_lock() only prevents DSRs until the thread gives up the CPU
> or cyg_drv_dsr_unlock() is called.  In this case, if the thread decides
> tp call cyg_drv_cond_wait(), then the DSR lock is dropped.  Once the DSR
> runs and signals the condition variable, the thread is resumed - *with*
> DSRs locked again.  Once the thread exits the 'while()' loop, the DSR
> lock will once again be dropped.

Aaaaah, so the DSR lock-state is really a per-thread state, cool! 
Thanks Gary

Peter Kooiman

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