[ECOS] Filesystem and Mount table

Rajesh Venkataraman Rajesh_Venkataraman@Trimble.com
Sat Mar 18 01:37:00 GMT 2006

   I am running ecos on a power pc platform. I have mounted two
filesystems as /Mount1 and /Mount2 under "root". I also have a
filesystem mounted as "/". I have a ftp server running. I would like to
access the mounted directories using the relative path from "root. But
the function cyg_mtab_lookup() in
packages/io/fileio/current/src/misc.cxx passes all the relative path to
the current filesystem(i.e root). I cannot do chdir("Mount1 ) from
"root" or chdir("..") from Mount1. How to make the fileio look at mount
tables before passing it to the current file system? Is there a way to
do this without changing the cyg_mtab_lookup() function?
Thank you

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