[ECOS] redboot trampoline

Stewart Heitmann stewart@heitmann.id.au
Fri Mar 17 07:34:00 GMT 2006

I've been porting redboot to my custom ixp425-based hardware.
So far I have a working redboot console, and networking too,
but the last hurdle is to get the "go" command to work.

Currently, whenever I execute a "go" (or "exec") command,
the redboot console simply freezes and nothing happens thereafter.

It doesn't seem to matter what I am executing (linux kernel
or another copy of redboot), they both go into a black hole.

Trace statements show that the redboot trampoline function is being
called, but after that I am lost.
Does anybody have any ideas what might be going wrong here?
Stewart Heitmann <stewart@heitmann.id.au>

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