[ECOS] Reg: Redboot porting For AT91SAM7A3

jagannath jagannaths@danlawinc.com
Thu Mar 16 09:12:00 GMT 2006

      I am using ecos for AT91SAM7A3. This is somewhat similar to
AT91SAM7S. So i am using ecos ported for AT91SAM7S, with a slight
modifications for my hardware. I compiled ecos for AT91SAM7A3.

Now i want to port redboot for this.My Ram is 32K and flash is 256K

1. Can i use ROM-RAM boot mode, or i have to use only ROM mode.?

Previously i worked for MPC850.So i was using srec image for both
redboot and my application. But after compilatation, i am getting 
ELF32 image.

2. I want to know, which type of image i hace to use.Is it required to 
use srec image or the elf image.But srec image is the motorola format.
I think i cant use this format image for ARM processor.

3. A redboot_rom.elf is available for redboot for ARM target.Can i use
this image for my controller or i need to compile the redboot again.

4.I have used gnu tool chain for ARM for compiling the eCos.Is it the
correct one or i need to build the tool chain for thumb.

Kindly tell me about the above topics.

Thanks in advance.

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