[ECOS] query regarding ECC mcu_isr

amritanshu amritanshu@gmail.com
Sun Mar 12 11:07:00 GMT 2006

Im not sure if this is the correct group for this post :) but here it goes

I have a query when can a mcu_isr be raised, what is happening for me is ...
while using the AAU(IOP80331) to compute XOR,a lot of XOR  compution
results in the Interrupt (mcu_isr) being raised. From the comments for
its implementation it seems that, it is raised when an ECC error has
happened in the RAM module (?).

The other problem is, the register(*MCU_MCISR;) is not readable, as
soon as the code in the ISR for reading the register is stepped into
it hangs for me :-s...
 What can trigger this error? any help suggestions are welcome.
Thanks in advance,

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