[ECOS] cvs fails when -d is used on checkout

Andrew Lunn andrew@lunn.ch
Sat Mar 11 09:15:00 GMT 2006

On Fri, Mar 10, 2006 at 06:33:12PM -0800, Grant Mills wrote:
> Anybody,
>     Quick question, but can anybody think of a reason that
>         "cvs -z3 -d <appro' cvs root> co -d
> other_than_standard_ecos_directory -P ecos"
> would fail?  I used the following command with out the -d option and
> it worked fine.  Any thoughts?
> Here's the output:
> [gmills :139]% cvs -q -z3 -d
> :pserver:anoncvs@ecos.sourceware.org:/cvs/ecos co -r flash_v2 -d
> ecos_flash_v2-1 -P ecos
> cvs checkout: warning: new-born ecos_flash_v2-1/COPYING has disappeared
> cvs checkout: warning: new-born ecos_flash_v2-1/ChangeLog has disappeared
> cvs checkout: warning: new-born ecos_flash_v2-1/Makefile.am has disappeared

The CVS documentation says:

-d DIR
     Create a directory called DIR for the working files, instead of
     using the module name.  In general, using this flag is equivalent
     to using `mkdir DIR; cd DIR' followed by the checkout command
     without the `-d' flag.

So why not use the mkdir cd option instread.


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