[ECOS] Redboot Built w/o Ethernet?

Roger Cortesi rcortesi@MIT.EDU
Wed Mar 8 21:37:00 GMT 2006

Gary Thomas wrote:

>A few suggestions:
>1. Update to the CVS version.  A lot has happened in [nearly] 4 
>   years since 2.0 was released :-)
Done! Wow 4 years!!! I didn't realize 2.0 was THAT old.

>2. Read the documentation and list archives.  There are lots of 
>   discussions about how to get RedBoot running on your hardware,
>   including networking.
Ok I found the package that I need to add and got it work (yay!!!).

>3. Continue asking questions.
I have been learning both the GUI and CLI config tools. It seems that 
once I start a project with one I can't switch to the other. For 
example, I get Redboot build to build properly using ecosconfig. 
"ecosconfig check" return the added package and no conflicts.  Next I 
want to change a setting (the default IP address) and I open up the GUI 
and it finds a bunch of errors in the .ecc file and it won't let me edit it.

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