[ECOS] Modifying RedBoot to support multiple flash devices

Andrew Lunn andrew@lunn.ch
Wed Mar 8 19:59:00 GMT 2006

On Wed, Mar 08, 2006 at 11:21:11AM -0800, Grant Mills wrote:
> All,
>     I am potentially going to be adding support to eCos/RedBoot to
> support multiple flash types in the same executable.  The reason for
> this is the desire to use the cheapest flash available at any given
> time.  That potentially means bouncing between Intel, AMD/Spansion,
> ....  We currently support this in our products using custom boot
> code.  We are looking to migrate to RedBoot.  For us this is a
> requirement.
>     First, I must ask this question, "Has this already been done or is
> somebody in the process of doing this?"  Second, will the
> configuration tool support something like this?  It would require the
> ability to select an item to support multiple parts, which would
> enable selecting multiple flash types/vendors.

Take a look at the flash_v2 branch in anoncvs. This gives you the
necassary infrastructure in the flash code to support multiple

The configuration tool is not affected. You need to add a new target
which has all the required flash packages. 


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