[ECOS] Modifying RedBoot to support multiple flash devices

Grant Mills gmills@ucsd.edu
Wed Mar 8 19:21:00 GMT 2006

    I am potentially going to be adding support to eCos/RedBoot to
support multiple flash types in the same executable.  The reason for
this is the desire to use the cheapest flash available at any given
time.  That potentially means bouncing between Intel, AMD/Spansion,
....  We currently support this in our products using custom boot
code.  We are looking to migrate to RedBoot.  For us this is a

    First, I must ask this question, "Has this already been done or is
somebody in the process of doing this?"  Second, will the
configuration tool support something like this?  It would require the
ability to select an item to support multiple parts, which would
enable selecting multiple flash types/vendors.

    Looking forward to the replies.  Thanks in advance.

Grant Mills

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