[ECOS] how to disable ARP in freebsd?

Chuck McManis cmcmanis@mcmanis.com
Tue Mar 7 21:37:00 GMT 2006

Birahim Larou Fall wrote:

>my hardware driver is not an ethernet driver, my driver must send all IP 
>packets to a settop box independently of mac adress destination. There is 
>no network
This is very common in in-room network access for the hospitality 
market. Basically when the customer plugs in their lap top you answer 
any arp, you pretend to be any gateway, you capture the next HTTP 
session and re-direct it to the billing application running on the 
server. A friend of mine calls this NEET (Network Etthernet 
Encapsulation and Translation).

I suggest you put your NIC in promiscuous mode and implement the MAC 
(ESA) filtering in your own code.


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