[ECOS] Newbie having trouble running Linux synthetic target on Fedora Core 3

Bernard Fouché bernard.fouche@kuantic.com
Tue Mar 7 17:26:00 GMT 2006

Hi List.

I'm trying to set up the Linux synthetic target for eCos on FC3. I've 
run 'wget' to get the tcp setup script, and ran that script to get ARM 
environment (that will be my real target) and i386 (it's still unclear 
for me if I need it for Linux synthetic).

Then I run 'configtool', select 'Linux synthetic target' in 
'Build/Templates', use 'default' packages for that template (and get a 
pair of conflicts that disappear when I click 'continue').

Then I try to build the library and tests. Nearly nothing is done, make 
is called many times but I see no real compilation done. If I look in 
the "unnamed2_install/lib" directory that configtool buidlt, there is 

I must miss something obvious!

Is there somewhere some how-to about generating eCos for Linux Synthetic?



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