[ECOS] running ecos 2.0 on Excalibur

Fernando Herrera fherrera@teisa.unican.es
Fri Mar 3 13:19:00 GMT 2006

Warwick Brown wrote:

> Fernando Herrera wrote:
>> Hi again Warwick!
>> I tried to install this package but i got a window with the next 
>> message:
>> "Command Execution Error:
>> Invalid argument and "
>> Any idea?
>> Thanks in advance again!
>> kind regards
> Hi Fernando,
> I too had the same problem with later versions of configtool, along 
> with my "tar blocksize=20" error. I instead resorted to installing it 
> manually by renaming it to a .tar.gz file, decompressing it into the 
> ecos/packages directory, and then appending the pkgadd.db to the 
> ecos.db file.
> Everything seems to work just as it did when the patch installed 
> through configtool properly
> Did you say that you actually got the EPXA1 board to boot eCos with 
> the sample Hello World application? And does this imply you have a 
> working redboot image?
No, It was another "hello" application. I am not able to make eCos 
application run if I make a RAM
configuration and directly download the application into the RAM of the 
EPXA1,... i think it is because
there is no .init stuff... :-(
I also tried to load redboot, but till the moment i had no success. I 
cannot compile a ROM configuration
of redboot since it seems that it miss some .ldi or .h files for ROM 
configuration in the EPXA1 package.
 Did you compiled redboot with this package? I also doubt about the 
steps that i have to do later with
quartus tools, but i think they are somehow mechanical (generate .sbi, 
.sbd files and merge them with
the redboot.hex generated, isn't it? Any help (as many detailed as 
possible) would be quite valuable for me.

> Regards,
> Warwick
 I hope we can help us much as possible to get this board running eCos 
quickly,...i am getting
mad! :-D

Thanks again Warwick and to the rest of ecos users in advance!
Kind regards,

 Fernando Herrera
 Microelectronics Engineering Group
 E.T.S.I.Industriales y Telecom. TEISA Dpt.
 University of Cantabria
 Avda. Los Castros s/n, 39005
 Santander, Spain
    Tel. +34 942 200878
    Fax. +34 942 201873

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