[ECOS] why only this address in pci

Stewart Heitmann stewart@heitmann.id.au
Fri Mar 3 05:08:00 GMT 2006

> have you changed the address of the start location in the .mlt file

No. I'm using the standard ixdpg425 settings.
They work on my eval board, so saw no reason to change them.

> Even I am getting problem at hal_if_init if I directly say a
> go but working when single stepping

Sorry but I don't understand what you mean.
Do you mean you have no problem when single stepping?
If so, then it sounds like a timing issue and you may
need to allow your hardware more time to settle after
initialising it.

> are there any pointers for this type of problem

Not that I know of. I think we are on our own.

> and can you tell me changes can be made for the free flow of
> execution at least up to this point

I got as far as cyg_hal_plf_pci_init() just using the default settings.
No changes required.

Stewart Heitmann <stewart@heitmann.id.au>

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