AW: [ECOS] Problem found with flash driver

Neundorf, Alexander
Thu Mar 2 11:08:00 GMT 2006


> Von:
> Hello everyone, I think I have found a minor problem with the io layer
> of the flash driver and before I continue with my fix, I just thought
> that I would ask if anyone else has seen it. 
> I am using JFFS2 over a flash bank that I am not running code from, so
> interrupts can be enabled during flash access. The processor is an
> MPC850. 
> With the virgin eCos flash.c code (from CVS), the system 
> crashes with a
> random memory corruption, I have tracked it down to a context switch
> within the flash_program function in flash.c. After looking 
> through the
> file and the eCos mailing list I found that the HAL_FLASH_CACHES_OFF
> define states that interrupts must be disabled. 

I had also crashes when interrupts occured during flash_program(). But since we don't write often on the flash, I simply disabled interrupts when calling flash_program(). This is not optimal, but was good enough for our purpose.
> After modding the code to disable interrupts before flushing and
> disabling the cache, the system works correctly with no problems.  

Sounds good :-)
There is also a different flash branch, maybe this is fixed there, I don't know.
> I have not created a patch because the HAL_FLASH_CACHES_OFF define in
> flash.h looks very generic and I cannot test the mod. But 
> this is what I
> have done:

Can you please send it as a patch ?


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