[ECOS] Porting eCOS to Keil MCB2130

Ilija Koco ilijak@siva.com.mk
Fri Jun 23 10:34:00 GMT 2006

Joe Bungo wrote:
> Hello,
> I am a beginner to porting OS' and I have some questions.
> I want to port eCOS to a Keil MCB2130 evaluation board, based on Philips
> LPC2138 (512 KB Flash, 32 KB RAM) for academic purposes.  I briefly took
> a look at the postings, and saw that there might be an already existing
> port for Keil MCB2100 (LPC2129).  Where is this?  What all would be
> involved in migrating to LPC2138, and how feasible would this would be?
With respect to eCos port MCB2100 is almost same as MCB2130 except for
smaller memory (16KB RAM, 256KB Flash) basically you can start your 1st
tests with MCB2100, only the linker won't be willing to use half of your
RAM and Flash (if you need it).
> If possible, can someone provide me the beginning steps of how to go
> about this task?
1. Easy way: Create mcb2130 package based on mcb2100

1.1. Copy mcb2100 dir to new mcb2130 dir.
1.2. find all files in mcb2130 with mcb2100 in their names and replace
it with mcb2130
1.3. edit mcb2130's cdl file
1.3. edit mcb2130/include/pkgconf files to reflect mac2138 RAM and Flash
1.4. add mcb2130 package and target to eCos.db

You will get new package mcb2130 that is 90% identical to mcb2100 which
may introduce unnecesarry redundancy.

2. More elegant way. Add mcb2130 option in mcb2130 package.
You need to edit little bit the mcb2100's cdl file in order to add
option to select processor and add mcb2130 pkgconf files.

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