AW: [ECOS] Reading flash config value from application

Hoehenleitner, Thomas
Wed Jun 21 11:03:00 GMT 2006

Hi Andre,

is it possible, that you are working on an older version and Gary on the current one and you deal here with a fixed bug?

If you write instead of my_ip[i] my_ip[0][i] inside your loop and appropriate in your if statement, you should get the right value. This is the case on my system. I found that by trial and error. On the other hand Gary's code crashed on my system which is an older one. 

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On Tue, 2006-06-20 at 18:26 -0400, Andre-John Mas wrote:
> Hi,
> I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but CYGACC_CALL_IF_FLASH_CFG_OP is not finding the value (returning false). I am trying to read the "bootp_my_ip" value. Every time the card restarts the redboot sees the right values, so it doesn't seem to be an issue of data getting over-written.
> Below are the modifications I made to network_support.c in the net/common package:
> #include <cyg/hal/hal_if.h>
> // For fetching the IP info from RedBoot #include <cyg/hal/hal_if.h> 
> #ifndef CONFIG_IP #define CONFIG_IP 5 #endif
> typedef unsigned char ip_addr_t[4];
> //
> // taken from redboot ... net/net_io.c // static bool 
> flash_get_IP(char *id, ip_addr_t *val) {
>   ip_addr_t my_ip[4];

Do you really want an array of 4 ip_address_t objects?

>   int i;
>   {
>     diag_printf("flash_get_IP %s\n", my_ip);
>     if (my_ip[0] != 0 || my_ip[1] != 0 ||
>         my_ip[2] != 0 || my_ip[3] != 0) {
>         // 'id' is set to something so let it override any static IP
>         for (i=0; i<4; i++)
>           (*val)[i] = my_ip[i];
>         }
>     }
>     else
>     {
>       return false;
>     }
> }
> and then in the init_all_networks_interfaces() function I have:
> struct in_addr card_ip;
> flash_get_IP("bootp_my_ip", card_ip.s_addr);
> Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?

I don't see anything in particular wrong with this code.  I tried the attached program and it worked just fine for me.

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